Company Development


Taiwan has gained a foothold in the global fastener industry since the 1960s. However, due to the absence of a quality surface treatment company, further attempts at increasing the global competitiveness of the Taiwan fastener industry proved challenging. Undeterred by hardship, (then) President Mr. Kaven Chiu and (then) GM Mr. Chiu Ying-Chu chose the path less traveled. Their forward thinking and international perspective led to the large-scale import of environmentally-friendly trivalent chrome and high performance anti-corrosion plating chemicals, leading to a dramatic advancement in Taiwan’s surface treatment industry technology, while at the same time reducing environmental pollution. This rapidly cemented the status of Taiwan’s fastener industry across the world. An exclusive interview by the Economic Daily in the 1990s affirmed Spring Profit’s contribution towards enhancing the competitiveness of Taiwan’s fastener industry.

Plater of automotive parts and special parts


Spring Profit has grown from a single-line zinc plating factory into one with numerous fully-automated plating lines, and evolved from processing industrial-use fasteners into a professional plater of automotive parts and special parts.

Certified supplier


After Spring Profit’s successful transformation into a specialized surface treatment company, it went on to obtain certifications such as the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, TAF17025 laboratory accreditation and the TS16949 automotive standard certification, laying the foundations for the company’s operations. In addition, Spring Profit has also been awarded ‘certified supplier’ status from many automotive and motorcycle companies, further attesting to Spring Profit’s quality of service.

‘Smart’ company


In 2017, Mr. Chiu Ying-Chu succeeded Mr. Kaven Chiu as the new President. As a member of the pioneer batch, Mr. Chiu Ying-Chu understood the challenges of building and maintaining the success of a company. Therefore, he actively promoted the spirit of continuous improvement in order to create a smart factory and an intelligent enterprise, in response to the ‘Taiwan Productivity 4.0 Initiative’ by the Executive Yuan, to transform Spring Profit into a ‘smart’ company to provide the most efficient services to its customers.