— 01 —

Trivalent Chromium Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating

Trivalent chromium zinc-nickel alloy provides uniform coating thickness and exceptional coverage. The coating has low internal stress and good ductility, which allows for various current densities. Suitable for a wide variety of plating products.

— 02 —

Trivalent Chromium Zinc Plating

As the most basic type of surface treatment process, trivalent chromium plating is applicable to a diverse range of products, comes in a variety of colors according to demand, and provides added value and functionality such as resistance to corrosion and lubrication.

— 03 —

Zinc-Aluminum Coating

Zinc-aluminum coating is a new high corrosion-resistance technology involving a hexavalent chromium-free compound made up of zinc and aluminum powder. With this technology, waste matter is easily processable and reusable, thus reducing environmental pollution, while eliminating the risk of fracture due to hydrogen embrittlement.

— 04 —

Tin-Zinc Alloy Plating

The uniform alloy coating exhibits a shiny, silver-white appearance, and has high corrosion resistance to salt water and sulfur dioxide, even after stress deformation. There is little waste material, reduces environmental pollution, and the operation process is simple and safe.

— 05 —

Phosphate Coating

A type of heavy zinc phosphate, the formation of a porous layer of crystalline phosphates with a coarse-grained structure allows for optimal absorption of oil, resulting in a largely stable surface finish under atmospheric conditions; resistance to corrosion is further enhanced after the sealing process.